About Okra

Okra – that weird and beautiful underdog of the vegetable kingdom, that odd and gummy and delicious staple of southern cuisine that has, in its time, become a symbol of home for so many across the world, especially for Southerners. We envision this space and all of the components of Okra as a refreshing change from your standard fare of yoga and wellness centers, one that is uniquely representative of and involved with the community that supports it.

Our Mission

We want to create a space for each and every person to feel welcome and at home – no matter where you’re from or how good your downward dog is. We want to be a place for the impossible and unlikely to come alive through celebrating the pursuit of our unique, individual passions and creativity. Okra, we believe, is a perfect embodiment of the kind of uncommon beauty that is only found in the simplicity of your own home.

Okra’s Vision

Okra is comprised of three distinct important parts. Yoga and wellness classes, massage therapy and private healing sessions, and a tea and coffee lounge. We believe that healing is created at every level and is tailored to each individual, so as we offer services, we must offer a variety of modalities that help to heal your body and your mind.

Hal Smith, Co-Owner

Hal Smith, co-owner and managing partner of Okra, started practicing at Okra a few years ago when he met Okra’s founder, Alicia Roskind.
Once he saw and experienced the unique sense of community that had been created at Okra, he decided to partner with Alicia to further grow. Together they developed the retail concept for Gumbo Goods that would support the natural health and healing energy approaches that are practiced at Okra.
In addition to managing the business, Hal offers massage services and hosts various workshops at Okra. He is a Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Yoga Instructor, Certified Aroma Yoga Instructor, Certified ChiRunning Instructor, Certified Triggerpoint Myofascial Release Specialist, and Crossfit Trainer.

Alicia Roskind, Co-Owner

Alicia Roskind is the co-owner and founder of Okra. At the young age of 25 years old she launched Okra as a yoga and massage therapy studio to be a center for healing practices and community in Charlotte. Her vision was to create a place that facilitated growth while providing an organic and natural setting. Her aspirations have blossomed much like the plant for which the studio takes its name.

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