Okra's Mission
Our mission is to create a home for others to heal through pursuing their own unique passions and joys in life. We envision this space and all of the components of Okra as a refreshing change from your standard fare of yoga and wellness centers, one that is uniquely representative of and involved with the community that supports it... READ MORE
About the Owner
Alicia Roskind is the founder and sole owner of Okra - Yoga * Massage * Tea & Coffee in Plaza-Midwood, and within the first year of operation, Creative Loafing named Okra “Best Yoga Studio in Charlotte”. Alicia began Okra at the rather young age of 25-years old... READ MORE
Why Okra?
While we were brainstorming business names one late spring evening, one of our key team members and website designer, Ben Lemmond, threw out Okra Yoga and drew a silly sketch of Okra practicing yoga. Alicia instantly loved the catchy, silliness of the name. About everyone else thought she was crazy... READ MORE