As many of you may know, parking in Plaza Midwood can be an issue, but here at Okra, we have lots of parking options! Below are places to park and things to keep in mind as you park at Okra and in Plaza Midwood.

Where to Park

– Reverse-angle street parking on Commonwealth Ave

– Okra’s lot (located in rear of Okra)

– Behind Gumbo: The StoreĀ (please be respectful of the reserved spots for massage)


How to Park

Street parking

All of the red-brick spots are opened to the public for parking. These spots are REVERSE-ANGLE parking. What does that mean?? It means that you must reverse into the spot. You will be ticketed for pulling in front first.

Okra’s Parking Lot

We have our own parking lot in the rear of the building. How in the world do you get there? Simple, but a bit intimidating! You got it though!

There is a small driveway between Ecolicious and Okra. You continue past the lot behind Ecolicious and continue to the end. Then you will see large metal columns to your right supporting a lovely billboard. You pull through the columns and there are 10 spots behind Okra. You then walk around the building to the front door. You can also park behind Ecolicious if our lot is full, but please note the 2 spaces designated for John Matthews Massage. Those are for his clients ONLY, at all times.

Ecolicious’ Lot

There are times that are appropriate to park in Ecolicious’ lot, but we hope that you choose this option last. We love our neighbors and we want them to love us and our customers as well! Ecolicious’ hours are below. Anytime before or after those times are perfectly fine. You can also park in their lot if ours is full.

Monday – CLOSED – park all you want :)

Tuesday – Friday 10am – 7pm

Saturday 10am – 8pm

Sunday 12pm – 5pm