• Danielle Vayo

Danielle dove into the yoga world looking for relief from chronic sciatica and found that and more. Nothing seemed to help this pain except for the continuous stretching, strengthening, and centering effects of yoga. This was just the very surface of the changes yoga would come to make in her life as she came to make her practice a routine. Her practice grew into something she would take into her day to day motions and actions/reactions, finding not only physical relief but mental as well.

Wanting to expand her knowledge and go further she received her 200 hour training through Okra in 2018. Danielle aspires to help others and always has. She realized that this is an opportunity to really encourage others to take that step to get to know their bodies and breath. To know that there is a way to reconnect with yourself, that what you have been seeking has been inside all along. Her wish is to help you rekindle this flame within.

Her regular classes at Okra are:
  • Tuesdays 8:30pm: $8 Vinyasa
  • Thursdays 10:45am: 75-min Vinyasa

Insta: @vayoyoga