• Brooke Carlson

    okra charlotte yoga teacher training

Brooke initially came to her mat as a form of physical therapy after a minor car accident. At the end of her first practice she felt a deep sense of coming home to herself. It was not long before transformation and healing began, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually as well. As she continued to practice she began feeling much more deeply connected to everything else around her.

In 2006 she completed a 230 hour YA certification, under the guidance of Dolly Stavros. A little over 10 years later she reunited with her first teacher and completed a 300 hour Shamanic Yoga advanced teacher training.  “I am truly grateful for all of the amazing teachers whom have inspired both my practice and my teaching. Yoga energetically grounds me and enriches me spiritually, leading to greater self-knowledge. I am honored to share this gift with others along their own journey of purification of the mind, healing of the body, and connection to the spirit.” Brooke encourages free-style and self-expression both on and off the mat. Join her in an environment of light-heartedness and compassion, breath and movement, and experience the profound benefits practicing yoga can have.