• Audrey Ipapo-Baran

As a dancer, Audrey was originally drawn to yoga for its athleticism, grace, and natural rhythm. She fell in love with it at the YMCA while earning my BA in Dance from UNC Charlotte. After college Audrey began teaching and dancing professionally, and yoga was a wonderful supplement to her training. It wasn’t until practicing for several years that she discovered the emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits. A quieter mind, and kinder heart, and a stronger and supple body are what keep her coming back to the mat.

Seeking more, Audrey earned her 200-hours in Power Vinyasa Yoga in 2008 from the beautiful Dolly Stavros, and she is currently working towards my 500-hours from the Himalayan Institute Teachers Association. Her teaching style is challenging yet compassionate, always keeping a light heart and a keen eye for detail. Audrey enjoys introducing students to new boundaries to test, encouraging them to explore the hidden potential within themselves. Audrey believes, when we unite breath and body, mind and spirit, the possibilities are limitless!

Audrey Ipapo-Baran