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Hal Smith, managing partner of Okra Yoga, seeks to share with you his gratitude for Young Living Essential Oils. As a Licensed Spiritual Healer, certified Aromatherapist, Certified Aroma Yoga Instructor, and Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, Hal has a deep knowledge and understanding of how these essential oils can support you in practices to sustain and improve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” process of carefully managing all aspects of production allows it to produce what we believe are the most pure and potent essential oils in the world. Through Okra Oilers we hope to bring Young Living and its powerful benefits of toxin free living to as many people as possible throughout our Charlotte community.

Why Young Living?

From Pure Sources

We have chosen Young Living essential oils at Okra Yoga, because we believe in the value of quality instilled in their Seed to Seal® approach to distilling the purest essential oils available. Each batch of therapeutic grade oils are rigorously tested for quality in terms of being sourced conscientiously without contaminants, synthetics, or fillers.

The Potential of Oils

Young Living Essential Oils and products are renowned across the globe for their potency and purity. These oils are drawn from the purest distilled essence of the plants from which they are grown. Each oil and blend is unique in its storied application throughout human history. For countless generations essential oils have been used to support practices of physical, emotional, and spirtual health and wellness.

Applications of Essential Oils

There are three typical ways that essential oils are used in everyday applications. The most common use is through a diffuser such as those made by GreenAir or Sparoom. Topical applications of certain oils to the skin is purported to support you in maintaining physical health and emotional well-being. Okra Yoga offers the Raindrop Technique to clients as a well established practice of topical applications. Under certain circumstances essential oils can be ingested as well.

Become A Member of Okra Oilers

    By becoming a member of Okra Oilers you gain access to the following benefits:
  1. Access to purchasing Young Living products through Okra & Gumbo goods at wholesale prices
  2. Access to purchasing all Young Living products at wholesale price directly from Young Living (Click product guide cover to the right to see full offering.)
  3. Free admittance to ALL Essential Oils Workshops & Events
  4. Free Okra Oilers t-shirt made by Mindful Supply, a leading NC eco-friendly manufacturer
  5. Receive 33% off Raindrop Technique sessions at Okra
  6. Enjoy a 10% discount off the retail price of all products at Gumbo Goods
  7. If you choose to share Young Living products with others you can receive financial benefits.

*For any questions please contact Hal at hal@okracharlotte.com*

Young Living Product Guide

Click above to view entire 2017 Young Living Product Guide

Okra Oilers Events

    This class is designed to educate and empower you with a deeper understanding of quality essential oils.
    Learn how essential oils can help support everyday needs
    The 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture™ will teach you about the most significant oils found in the Bible.

    Cost: $15 Early Bird or $20 Day Of – FREE for Okra Oilers

    Enjoy 7 different powerful activating essential oils each designed to support each of your energy systems from your root chakra to your crown chakra. – FREE for Okra Oilers
    FREE for Okra Oilers

Events Dates & Times

Introduction to Essential Oils

  • Jan 4th from 6:15PM to 7:30PM
  • Jan 18th from 6:15PM to 7:30PM

Aromatherapy and Attitude Change

  • Jan 11th from 6:15PM to 7:30PM

Aroma Yoga Workshop

  • Jan 25th from 6:15PM to 7:30PM

Essential Oils 101

  • TBA

The Oils of Ancient Scripture

  • TBA

To cultivate and support the growth of our Charlotte community, Okra Oilers offers several workshops and events that offer you access to information, knowledge, and first hand experience with the therapeutic grade essential oils in our collection.