• Guided Meditation & Intuitive Sessions

John W. Love, Jr. has exceptionally clear vision. Intrigued by the architecture of your brilliance, he uses his intuitive abilities, wit, laughter, insight, and common sense to align you with your own magnificence. His practice utilizes guided meditation and creative visualization to enable clients to tap into their conscious mind and exceptional imaginations. While he may be privy to information rustling around in your subconscious Love is a guide in the truest sense in that he recognizes your answers already reside within you. By bringing you to these truths he instills a client with the power to create in their subconscious a reality aligned with their highest good.

As an empathic intuitive his way is to say, “Stop. Rest. Breathe. Now look over there and tell me what you see. That’s the issue, the problem, and the solution. That’s the hot spot. Now let’s look at the gem that lies beneath the wound because it all begins and ends with your grasp on this deep desire.” Love’s insightfulness is complimented by his wealth of knowledge on and research into the I Ching, Zulu Bone Oracles, Tibetan oracular methods, chakra work, numerology, astrology, and tarot to name a few practices.

As a live raw/food consultant, Love’s expertise is informed by a vibrant live food practice since 2001. Known for his exquisite cuisine, a discerning palate, and exhaustive research, his integrity lies in that he shares only that in which he has experienced. Now considering his intimate relationship with the intricacies of everything from omnivorism to exotic and ethnic cuisines, macrobiotic eating, and vegan vegetarianism, one would say those experiences are well informed.


  • 60 Minute Private Session
    Perfect for guided meditation as a prelude to more in depth work.
  • 90 Minute Private Session
  • Two Hour Private Session
  • Two and a Half Hour Private Session