Intuitive Spirit Sessions

I am clairvoyant and claircognizant, which means I have extra-sensory sight and comprehension, respectively. Each reading begins with a brief conversation to answer any questions you may have and identify any specific questions or focus areas where you want clarity and/or guidance. Then I tune in with my breath, clearing my mind and inviting in your guides to offer their messages.

I may be guided to use a tool if the guides feel it will provide additional clarity for me when decoding the higher vibrational wisdom and putting into words. Tarot cards, crystals, scrying spheres, mirrors, and tea leaves are common tools for clairvoyants as they help us to connect to our intuition based on visual stimuli. I will note that I do not read the description of the tarot cards, but instead just look at what details of the card my attention is drawn to and then I decode this message. Often the images activate my claircognizant ability and sometimes I begin to channel your guides directly by repeating messages word for word as they are given to me. Channeling is the easiest for me, but if you have very high vibration guides it is more difficult or highly inefficient for them to delivery their guidance into such a finite form. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, well this is basically the idea. If you compress a file you can deliver more information faster, but it needs to be able to be decompressed on the receiving end to be useful.

If, after your guides have successfully delivered their message, if you want to ask more specific questions you can do so. They may provide specific guidance, but as I mentioned before, high vibrational guides or light beings are not particularly concerned with the day-to-day details of third-dimensional life. Their goals are to guide you along the path that will balance your karma, promote healing and expansion, raise your vibration, and put you in the right position to fulfill your soul’s purpose. Often the response to very specific questions, if not crucial to the paths mentioned above, is something along the lines of “It doesn’t matter”, or “Whatever you would prefer”, but we can also get some helpful insight to help you make your decisions.

On occasion an ancestor or past loved one may come through to deliver a message or just send love and support.

Merilyn Coffey

Merilyn Coffey


  • 60 Minute Intuitive Spirit Session
  • 30 Minute Intuitive Spirit Session

About Me

I am an intuitive channel for higher wisdom. I have been in contact with my spirit guides, fairies, and light beings for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until four years ago that I realized that this was the case. Many people believe some people are born with extra-sensory gifts or their gifts were activated through trauma or a near death experience. This is true, but not in the way you may think. Everyone is born with the capacity to be intuitive and pull knowledge and truth down from the cosmos. This is true just as much as every computer has the capacity to connect to the internet and download information. It is just a matter of tuning your frequency to be able to connect to the network and clearing out all the unnecessary programs that slow down your computer.

I have worked hard to develop the discipline to live a lifestyle of purity, humility and continual growth and development. I control my diet and exercise regularly to raise the vibration of my physical body. I do a lot of inner reflection and self-study to recognize and remove any programming or attachments I have that are limiting and/or not based in truth. I meditate and practice pranayama in order to strengthen my aura and energetic bodies so I can sense the world around me and have a stronger projection and manifest what I need. I chant mantra to tune my consciousness to the higher dimensions of consciousness that contain all knowledge of past present and future. I still have so much room to grow, but the work I have done so far has put me in a position to help others, and as well are all sparks of the one universal consciousness, any benefit to one person is a benefit to all.