• Astrological Chart Reading

Astrology can be seen as a profound archetypal key to unlocking the Self. In an astrological chart reading clients can expect to spend an hour and a half to two hours learning about the different astrological symbols and how each applies to them personally. Through the process one learns about various aspects of life including career, love, sex, relationships, friendships, societal implications, the window into karmic astrology along with past lives, spiritual growth, and how to heal.

Learning about one’s natal chart can add insight into these different areas of life and even insight into spiritual development and what will most aid the growth of the soul. There are different lessons we are all called to learn in this lifetime. In line with this there are different ways that we can heal ourselves based on the effect the transiting planets had on our astral form at the time that we were born. From this foundation, insight and knowledge, we can be our best and highest Selves out in the world, doing the work that our soul calls for.

 Meredith will draw up an astrology chart based on your time, date and place of birth that will allow her to access your psychological and spiritual fingerprint. With this information, patterns, cycles and programs that the client is running can be deconstructed and uprooted so that beneficial beliefs and thoughts can be put in the space created. Clients should be prepared to talk about one or more of the following: love and relationships, work and career, healing hard times, the Soul’s journey (past lives and this life) and ancestral patterns. Meredith will offer the last 15 minutes of the session for reiki energy healing to continue to help the client fully integrate what was discussed during the session.

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  • Astrology Reading
    1 hour session