Yoga Prices and Rates

Our normal prices for yoga classes and packages are listed below. If you have purchased a deal through Groupon, Living Social, or any other promotional service, please be sure to read the fine print for important details on eligibility (i.e., deals for new clients only), expiration dates, and other important details. If your unused deal has expired, or you are unable to use it for another reason, we can still redeem the deal for it’s original ‘redeemable value’ (noted on the receipt or email). Feel free to call us if you have any questions!

First Time Clients – Special Rate:

2 Weeks Unlimited Yoga for $20

Yoga Class Rates:

Expiration day on passes begins from the day of your first visit, not from the purchase date. Please note that all passes are non-transferable, and can only be used by the purchaser. Thanks!

Drop-In: $15

1 Week Unlimited: $29 (expires 1 week after purchase date)

2 Weeks Unlimited: (returning clients) $49

5 Class Pass: $60 (expires 1 year after purchase date)

10 Class Pass: $110 (expires 1 year after purchase date)

1 Month Unlimited: $115 (expires 1 month after purchase date)

1 Month Unlimited Auto-Draft: 6-month commitment – $95*

6 Month Unlimited: $570 (expires 6 months after purchase date)

1 Year Unlimited: $1140 (expires 1 year after purchase date)

*Early Cancellation Fee of $20 per month used of commitment.  6 months auto renew is a contractual package that requires a credit card and signing contract upon review. Fees apply for early breaching of contract

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Interested in beginner classes?

Check out our Yoga Homepage for information on classes suited for beginners or those returning to yoga after a hiatus or injury.