John Love Jr.

Love’s goal is to align you with your own brilliance.

Via a deep history of study and practice informed by Eastern, African, and indigenous modalities, integrated wellness and a fiercely independent approach to one’s own healing is what he imparts to his clients.

Through guided meditation and creative visualization, he enables the individual to use their conscious mind and exceptional imagination to create in their subconscious a reality aligned with their highest good. Whether one’s goal is to sit with the Self at its most divine or to wade in the rivers of perpetual miracle, recognizing that what is created in the subconscious is manifested in our waking lives, Love guides the participant to skillfully and intentionally see, hear, taste, feel, smell, and live in the nectar of their visions.

His work as an empathic intuitive is shared through his intuitive and divinatory readings. Always with the goal of alignment with that which is Love, Light, Goodness, and The Miraculous, using tools as varied as the I Ching, Zulu Bone Oracle, Tibetan oracular methods, chakra work, numerology, astrology, tarot, etc., Love assists his clients in discerning the core issues and energies at work in their lives. Whether these issues are blocking the participant from realizing their desires, or screaming for their attention in order to fulfill those desires, clarity and right action are always the focus.

As a live raw/food consultant, Love’s expertise is informed by a vibrant live food practice since 2001. Known for his exquisite cuisine, a discerning palate, and exhaustive research, his integrity lies in that he shares only that in which he has experienced. Now considering his intimate relationship with the intricacies of everything from omnivorism to exotic and ethnic cuisines, macrobiotic eating, and vegan vegetarianism, one would say those experiences are well informed.

Collectively Love’s clients include restaurantuers, chefs, organic farmers, medical practictioners, wellness enthusiasts, athletes and trainers, artists and entertainers, entrepreneurs, executives, and everyday people committed to being healthier. At the core of it all, his insatiable pursuit of the artistry found in all things is reflected in all he does. His professional career as a multidisciplinary artist and topnotch creative in the design, marketing, and advertising worlds evinces this as well.



-Private: $20