• 300 Hour Shamanic Training

    okra charlotte yoga teacher training

Want to delve deeper into the practice of yoga as an instructor, student and practitioner? Okra’s 300-hour teacher training program centered on Shamanic Yoga has been cultivated to enable you to further refine your practice and pursuit of mindfulness. Shamanic Yoga is a practice of healing as much as allowing for the natural unfolding of the consciousness and self to bring about unconditional love and greater understanding. The curriculum is focused on therapeutic yoga practices. Through the course students will be encouraged to pursue and deepen their understanding of their voice and path. The culmination of this training is to unveil the natural healing gifts of students and empower them to use these with a greater sense of self through their own practices.

Yoga Team
okra charlotte teacher training dolly knaup

Trainer Dolly Kaupp

Over twenty years ago Dolly Kaup began her journey as a healer when she became a massage therapist. Since that time her passion for healing and marvel over the human body have informed her practices, leading her to become a certified yoga instructor. Dolly’s awe at the function of the human form as a machine as well as its resilience and capacity for healing play a defining role in her approach to teaching.

In her course she emphasizes the importance of creating a comfortable, open space from which students can explore themselves as well as their practice through various modalities. The environment she facilitates for others is supportive and geared towards meeting her students where they are at in their own personal journeys.


  • Paid in Full Early Bird
    Pay by August 31
  • Paid in Full
    Pay after August 31
  • Payment Plan
    $600 deposit to hold your space
    $750 payments due before each module
    **$300 of the deposit is non-refundable**

What You’ll Need

  • A journal (or paper) and pens
  • Cornmeal (3 – 4 cups)
  • Tobacco (3 – 4 cups)
  • 4 Sacred Items

    One to represent water, one for fire, one for earth and one for air.
    These can be anything that resonates with you! I like to use the small mason jars …
    one with water, one with a candle, one with either soil or rocks, and one with a feather.

Topics and Exercises

Throughout this 300 hour teacher training program students will receive lecture, have discussion, and perform a number of exercises to broaden their knowledge and understanding of their practice.

Topics and exercises include but are not limited to Asana, Alignment, Altars, Ceremony, Chanting, Sacred Plants, the Four Elements, Shamanic Breathwork, Vayus, Mudras, and the signficance of Sacred Spaces.

Dates & Times

  • Module 1 ~ Journey of Awakening
    October 27th – November 3, 2017

    Module 2 ~ Journey of Agape’
    January 5 – January 12, 2018

    Module 3 ~ Journey of Attention
    March 16 – March 23, 2018

    Module 4 ~ Journey of Authenticity
    May 18 – May 25, 2018

    Daily 8am-5:30pm