Reiki with Tabitha Hall


  • 60 Minute Session (60 Reiki Session) $70
  • 90 Minute Session (60 Reiki/30 Minute Massage) $95
  • 120 Minute Session (60 Reiki/60 Minute Massage) $120

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Information on Reiki Sessions

Reiki (the universal life force of love) is a gentle but powerful system of healing, promoting harmony and balance throughout the chakras (energy centers of the body).

TabithaI act as a facilitator of healing by directing the flow of energy, but ultimately the result of each session is the product of intentional co-creation, so it is important for the receiver to take an active role in this.

What To Expect:

-Before we begin, there will be time to discuss any specific reasons you may have for seeking treatment (for example, recurring nightmares, or simply desiring an energetic ‘tune up’).
-You will remain fully clothed, as Reiki is a non-invasive modality requiring minimal physical contact.
-Each treatment is unique, but typically I will lead the client through a simple visualization, which encourages him or her to be an active participant in this process.
-I also work with crystals, placing them on or around the body as appropriate, to enhance the vibrational frequency.
-Your main focus as the receiver is to remain as relaxed and receptive as possible, while holding the intention of healing in your heart and mind.
-Generally the treatment is described as having a deeply soothing effect, allowing the receiver to enter a meditative state. Individual response will vary from session to session, anything from laughter, to crying, to entering a mild psychedelic state. Heat, coolness, and tingling are also common. All responses are valid and normal.
-Know that you are in a safe environment where you will be completely supported as you process in whatever way it presents for you.
-Though it is not necessary, you may deepen your experience by avoiding or minimizing consumption of alcohol, meat, and processed foods the days before, of, and after your session, as these will dampen your vibration.

About Me:

I was first introduced to Reiki in 2010, and it became the impetus behind a journey of spiritual healing and transformation so profound in its simplicity that it continues to amaze me every day. In addition to conducting one-on-one sessions, I also offer training for those interested in embarking on this path as practitioners. I am grateful for the honor of sharing this beautiful light with you!


Tabitha Hall
Reiki Master/Teacher, LMBT #10517, CYT-200hr
Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu